Gabi Suyama: Knocking on heaven's door - groovy version

Mia Borders: Jazz on the Green in Omaha, Nebraska 2015

Yue Miyagi: Superstition and Kid Charlemagne - Epiphone 1966 Custom Riviera E-360TD

Jaylee Van Dae: Waltzing Matilda - Bluesy Guitar Chord Melody Arrangement for Australia Day

Ida Nielsen: first impression of BH800 and K-cabs

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Gear Gods - NAMM 2016

Judith Beckedorf: Material Girl - solo acoustic guitar - Candyrat recording artist

Nina Gromniak: Some clips from Arthur Browns set at Skegness Rock & Blues Festival 2016.

News: #Solocontest2016 the return of the solo competition with great prizes

Tash Wolf: Haze Trio - I've been looking - rock blues

Eva Vergilova: Damn Your Eyes - Etta James - Cheapcaster rules

Laura V Bustillos: Stolen guitars let Laura know if you see them for sale anywhere!