Katalina González: Ethereal Dimension, from the album The Other Door

Leah Woodward: .Strandberg* Everything Is Upon Us from Derangeable NAMM 2016

Toki, Yoshi: Aldious - White Crow live performance

Laura Sau: Mymisses - Lil Devil - LIVE at Women in Rock 2016

Sylvy Angus, Saralcolm: PUSSY/DC - A Whole Lotta AC/DC Female Tribute Band Italy 2016

Polina Sedova: live performance with band and Konstantin Sedov 02/07/2016

Maleny Morfen: Match the master John Petrucci riff from "A new beginning"

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Jump That Train - Live

Sarah Longfield: 1 Woman Prog Metal Band

Hannah Rose, Chanelle Romero: Cosmic Reaction Band - Surf City Talent Competition