Millisa Henderson: Andy Timmons' "Electric Gypsy"

Dani Wilde,Victoria Smith: Deeper Than Black - live in Vienna 2016

Luna Lee: Queen- I Want To Break Free - Gayageum

Jewel Steele, Lula Steele: Stereo Love - Don't Tell Me - original - M15 Corona 2016

Gongashiho: MUCH-YO - Al Pacino from debut Album "macho"

Tatiana Pará: Solo Album Making Of - Guitar Session #1 - English sub titles

Kitshow: new hope silent guitar Yamaha SLG110N

Alison Cara Elliott, Anna Coral Elliott: Maid Of Ace - Bone deth - Live Paris 2016

Genny Jam: Acoustic Michael Jackson Medley

Jen Majura: Evanescence guitarist performs with Adrian Weiss - My Immortal