Irma Mirtilla: live at Hard Rock Cafe Firenze 2016

Francesca Chiti: In collaboration with Dolphin's Sound, Musicromia Occhipinti Cabs

Erja Lyytinen: India Tour with Simply The Blues 2016

Alissia Benveniste, Maddie Rice: That Groove - Gabrielle Walter-Clay

Leah Woodward: shredding it up with Pin on Aliases' Everything Is Upon Us from the new album Derangeable

Mountain Natsumi: Bray Blue theme and Disarmonia Mundi Cypher Drone

Nao: plays Core Pride and Back in Black

Maddie Rice: talks pentatonic substitutions with EMGtv

Merel Bechtold: Delain @ City National Grove of Anaheim 2016 Jack Lue Series

Lula Steele, Jewel Steele: Stereo Love M15 Concert Bar & Grill 2016 Jack Lue Series