Jaden Carlson: "Nameless"- Ophelia's Electric Soapbox 2016

María Robles, Marta Robles: Fragment of Rhythms piece of Sabicas. Soon the whole hang in Barcelona

Jewel Steele, Lula Steele: Stereo Love - Let Me Ride with Judd Steele on drums

Sina: Drums and Bass - Always With Me Always With You

Ana Popovic: new signed album Trilogy available

Nili Brosh: Clinic in Chicago!

María Muñoz: Remember When- Guthrie Govan cover

Mohini Dey: Endorses Markbass Amps Mayones Basses & Lathon Bass Wear

Leah Woodward: with Graham Pin Pinney Aliases Face For Lust - Guitar Playthrough