Li-sa-X: Polyphia feature Li-sa-X the Japanese 10 year old girl on their promo video

JiYeon Lee: Yngwie Malmsteen Crying - stunning just 9 years old - student of Su mi Lee

Samantha Fish: Live at The 1st Annual New England Blues Summit 2016

Melody Angel: Jamming with a Latin Flavor Vlog 35

Jen Majura: Ibanez Guitar Festival 2016

Yuri Isobe: Moment live at Kyoto Omiya

Youyou A: Disturbed - The Animal - Dual guitar cover with DeSade

Laura Klinkert: No necesito - Aterciopelados

Rose Deocampo: Infinite Death - live at the Regent

Nili Brosh: Chicago clinic this Saturday!