Nikki Stringfield: with Brad Jurjen "Dia De Muertos" live at NAMM and promo video

Nikki Stringfield: Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maidens - focus on Nikki

Kiana De Leon, Brianna Sherrodd: Vixen Vendetta VLOG of recent show

Jennifer Batten: Stage shots and behind the scenes on tour in Germany with Thomas Blug's "Rock Anarchie"

JJ: Jassy J - 35k Subscriber Special must be doing something right, except for some people. #CREATENOTHATE

Su mi Lee: Queen bohemian rhapsody - beautiful classical guitar version

Anna Sentina: Muse - Psycho - BB-1X Bass Driver by BOSS

Melody Angel: Love Song and Hey Joe live performances

Jaden Carlson: JCB - Church Of Hard Knock

Ji Hyun Ho: Beyond 2 anniversary of the event - Sunny

Monica Gheorghevici: ballad solo - dynamics and phrasing