Romana Kalkuhl, Alea Wyss: Burning Witches - Swiss metal outfit Burning Witches is ready to strike on stage!

Rosie Botterill, Holly Henderson: New band DORJA release debut track Fire

Jen Majura: Stupid piece of wood

Divaldi Addina: Yngwie's Blitzkrieg

Daniela Villarreal, Paulina Villarreal, Alejandra Villarreal: The Warning - UnMendable

Martina Nixe Riva, Francesca Bernasconi: Killin' Baudelaire - "Wasted" - Great Metal Band from Italy

Mayuko Okai, Tsuzumi Okai: Tabitha at Ultimate Jam Night The Whisky

Melody Angel: interview and performance on the WVON radio station with host, Chat Daddy

Yue Miyagi: Voodoo Child solo electric rock guitar style cover

Anastasia: Cold Day In Hell - Gary Moore

Tatyana Ryzhkova: Ask Tatyana Episode 2 - Languages, Scales