Meytal Cohen: announces first ever live album of our first ever band tour

Elena Pirino: On The Wave

Jacqueline Mannering: Lead Guitar [ 2016 ]

JiYeon Lee: Extreme - politicalamity- teacher Su mi Lee

Sarah Longfield: Cranial Metropolis performance playthrough

Adunbee: The Unforgiven - Metallica

Jasmine Wong: Deppwaswho - RHCP - Dark Necessities

Tatiana Pará: My Moods new album featuring Scott Henderson on guitar on the track "My Dear Friend"

Jesslyn Jensen: Rogue Arsenal - Enlightened Scourge

Noémie: MEGADETH - This Was My Life

Mohini Dey: Prodigy talks about being different and the excitement of working with Steve Vai

Jane Getter: Premonition show at Outreach Jazz Festival in Schwaz Austria