Li-sa-X: talks about her FretWraps String Muters and GigBlade Sliver guitar bag

Ayu Gusfanz: with Kalonica Nicx - Hotel California by:The Eagles

Hisako Osawa: Rock Bottom - 2H2H UFO tribute

Kynwyn Sterling: Melancholy Summer by Lilly Legit from upcoming EP called "Stories Of A Lone Wolf".

Maru Martinez: new album Colorless Aquarium by Paper Hero - progressive metal Chicago

Antra Lante: Jam over David Wallimann guitar backing track

Alicia Marie: Tumbledown Train on her 1930 Dobro guitar!

Saya Gray: Funky Duck and Clouds - great bass playing

Dulce Zuloaga, Flor Zuloaga: Baby Dollz - Obregón 2016

Genny Jam: GPC Global Jam 24

Chantel McGregor: Home - Official Video

Nili Brosh: Unchained - Hot for Teacher - scorching live performance

Antra Lante: Hey Joe - with RedBee, superb performance from 2008