Elisa Manfredi: The Crying Machine

Samantha Fish: Rams Head - Annapolis, MD 2016

Nina Kalsarikännit: Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016

Juli Morgan: Chord of the week A Minor - weekly video series!

Gabbie Rae: Dangerous Woman live

Jude Drakeford: Bad Asteroid cover by The Aristocrats

Taylor George: Cause We Ended As Lovers by Jeff Beck

Red Frandany: Today we go with a classic of classics - Beat it solo by Eddie Van Halen!

Elisa Manfredi: Erotomania - live band from Accademia Lizard

Irene Ketikidi: Jazz Fusion Premium 2 Video Lesson promo

Arianna Pagiaro: Hand On Heart - Accademia Lizard Padova 2015

Michelle Qureshi: Live at Hopwood Cellars