Juliette Jade: Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd now over 6,000,000 views

Erin Coburn: Sky Is Crying solo - Bliss Fest Michigan 2016

Anna Coral Elliott, Alison Cara Elliott: Made Of Ace - All-girl all sister punk band - Birmingham Rainbow 2016

Gabriella Quevedo: Rise - This is my arrangement of 'Rise' by Katy Perry :)

Shoka Okubo: silly mix at Desperado, Okayama. 2016

Samantha Fish: Blue Broad - Riverfront Blues Festival 8-7-16

Sophie Burrell: Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin Guitar Solo

Cynthia Maalouf: Shazam 1960 - Duane Eddy in stereo!

Momo: Lake Bodom - Children Of Bodom

Jassy J: Skillet Comatose double-tracked cover

Elizaveta Kolmagorova: Elizaveta Kolmagorova with the blue Charvel jams a little smooth jazz