Alex Schmeia: Dio - Holy Diver guitar cover

Alla Grace: Dream Theater - Repentance (guitar solo cover)

Julia Lamb: Looping with the Z.Vex Fuzz Factory

Anna Sentina: Bang Bang | Nancy Sinatra Bass Arrangement - Ailihen C8 Headphones

Julia Trintschuk: Le Carneval de Venice - Air varié by J. K. Mertz on a 2012 Cornelia Traudt

Chelsea Constable: "Cliffs of Dover" intro lesson

Hale Winter: Dream Theater - Pull Me Under: Bass

Cecilia Nappo: 6:00 - Dream Theater

Alessandra Funaro: Perseo Boost and Nettuno Fuzz

Francesca Chiti, Irma Mirtilla: grooving at Hard Rock Cafe Firenze

Irma Mirtilla, Cecilia Nappo: Killing in the name, Toxicity - Black Mamba

Top Ten: Rush YYZ - the female tributes to the artist Rush