Nina Kalsarikännit: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest

Tina Guo: Studio Tour 2016

Adunbee: In Dreams - Lord of The Rings theme

Sophie Burrell: Periphery - Scarlet

Sylvya Boschiero: Lamb of God-Now You've Got Something To Die For

Asumi: GIT MASTERS 2016 - Repertoire

Ayame: GIT MASTERS 2016 DIM you are sunshine

Natsuki Hara: GIT MASTERS 2016 Gerade

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear - Live in Graz - 17.05.2016

Francisca Brunel: Feeling Fine - Alex Hutchings

Giulia Coletti: Megadeth - Holy wars - Marty Friedman's solo

Monic Manikam: Demo Clinic Ibanez SMEX 2016