Jen Majura: will be performing another solo show

Hedvika Švendová: wins Uppsala Guitar Festival Young Talent award

Mina Taicho: Fate Gear - Scars In My Life

Emily Hastings: with Warleyson Almeida - play Highway Star on a Wylde Audio Warhammer and Wylde Audio Viking!

Irene Ketikidi: Matt performance with full live band

Edina Balczo: How to strum in a fast and exciting way on guitar ✔

Mayuo: Precious Heart / Seiko Matsuda guitar cover

Jewel Steele, Lula Steele: Stereo Love Rock N' Roll Addiction - Whisky A Go-Go

Adunbee: Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold cover

Taylor George: Scuttle Buttin by SRV

Mary Spender: Fresh Rotosounds time for some cool notes

Patricia: Footage from Lizzies' live performance filmed during the show in Essen, Germany 2016

Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper - more night in the states before we head to Canada

The Commander-In-Chief: If the Dead Ones Could Talk from The new album "I Am"

Chloé: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California