Diana Rein: proud to announce album is on the GRAMMY Awards first ballot list for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

Jojo Draven: proud to announce that "one of the songs I played on is being considered for the 2017 GRAMMY Nomination"

Saki, Yuki Uozumi, Li-sa-X,Haruka Noma: Yamaha LM 50th Anniversary Presents "Rock in Yamaha 2016"

Jen Majura: Your Guitar Lesson with JM

Rose Deocampo: Infinite Death announce The Endless Suffering US tour dates

Pinxi Liu: YoYo set for Music China event in ShangHai with Jose de Castro

Sarah Longfield: Felix Martin / The Fine Constant tour starts next week!

Corota, Erika Ragtiny: Ms.RedTHEATER - live show series through time

Chanelle Romero: Whole Lotta Love, Little Wing and Purple Haze

The Commander-In-Chief: Iron Maiden & Kiss Medley on Late Night TV with 5 other guitarists.

Yoshi,Toki,Sawa: Aldious - Fragile and Female Warrior (Short Version) - power ballad

Lex Almighty: Omerta- Lamb of God Cover

Charlotte Command, Sarah Command: two song CMI showcase at the Rivoli in Toronto!!

Hunter Adams: How Do I Know LIVE Acoustic

Alejandra Mesliuk: warming up on Sunday evening (precalentando el domingo a la tarde)

Chelsea Constable: Signature Tone/Lesson - Main and Outro Solos By Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits

Vanessa Harbeck: at the BLUES balcony, 22 OCTOBER 2016

Adunbee: Children of The Grave - Black Sabbath bass cover

Holly Henderson: Opium Drip - new EP available

Genny Jam: We Want the Funk Improv