Yamit Schwartz: Always with me, always with you and Calling Elvis - Dire Straits

Jassy J: VLOG - I'm On Patreon

Maria Carmen Liranzo: Rock you like a hurricane and Enter Sadman

Camila Milla: CHON - Bubble Dream Guitar Cover

Alexandra Zerner: Semisextilis | Live @ Joy Station 07.11.2016

Amy Lewis: Deftones - Change - In The House of Flies

Cissie Goumare: Moth Into Flame - Metallica full guitar play along

Claudia Gamba: Cellulite Star - Vivo Xché Sogno

Nina Yakimenko: Oriental Fantasy - concert at the "Muse"

Adunbee: God Damn - Avenged Sevenfold - demo and lesson