Yasi Hofer: still time to get signing CD's for the new album

Alicia Marie: Old Soul - new album available

Jen Majura: plays... Honest As Fried Chicken

Tatyana Ryzhkova: 7 Posture, Guitar support (Ergoplay), Thoughts and Knowledge

Vanesa Harbek: rock and blues live performances from Teatro Dorian

Martina Blazeska: Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive - Ibanez AE900

Roseann Aldrete, Jen Paro: Mary Did You Know Cover by Cougrzz Rock Trio

Jassy J: SUM 41 - Underclass Hero

Lens Kidman: Suffocation - Surgery Of Impalement

Erja Lyytinen: Making Of New Album 'Stolen Hearts'

News: The She Rocks So I Can Walk Contest

Radka Kasparcova: Autumn, Ain't Who I Seem - Central Delaware Blues Society Fundraiser

Gina Gleason: KHDK no.2 Clean Boost Demo and Unboxing

Nili Brosh: A min/harmonic min Shred