Juliana Vieira: Blue Strings - Original Song

Video: Paulo Ribeiro (rfpaulohenrique@yahoo.com.br)

Juliana Vieira, 22, guitarist with over 40 million views on youtube and 270,000 subscribers on your channel. Participated for 2 years Replace Band, recording programs on Mtv and MixTV. The band 's music videos were for months among the Top10 more requests from Brazil. In 2015, he participated in the W15 tour Wanessa Camargo singer, recording programs as late and legendary. Always looking for versatility, Juliana Vieira has worked with Pop, Rock and Country. He is currently studying at the Conservatory Souza Lima and accompanying artists in concerts and recordings, as well work on your copyright music project for youtube channel.

Support: FENDER, BOSS, BFFX. Mesk pedalboard, MEEAudio and Gutti Picks.


Juliana Vieira - Blue Strings (Original Song)