Sarah Lipstate: Noveller - A Pink Sunset For No One - new album

A Pink Sunset For No One
by Noveller
1.Deep Shelter


3.A Pink Sunset For No One

4.Lone Victory Tonight

5.Trails and Trials 04:23

6.Another Dark Hour


8.The Unveiling


Digital album will be released on February 10, 2017.
‘A Pink Sunset For No One’ is the eighth studio album from Noveller, the solo electric guitar project from US composer and filmmaker.
One of the most adept guitarists of our time, Lipstate returns with her signature breathtaking cinematic, experimental soundscapes. Eloquent and striking, her instrumentals evoke colourful and otherworldly imagery. Lipstate writes in majestic, emotional strokes with pieces ranging from remarkably tense environments to shimmering psychedelic rock or unravelling into something darker.
releases February 10, 2017
Noveller is Sarah Lipstate
Mixed by Will Tendy
Artwork and design by John Foster
Mastered by Brian Pyle