Ami Inoi: Kainé Salvation -NieR Replicant & Gestalt

Kainé Salvation -NieR Replicant & Gestalt- [BGM]
arrange for guitar by Youmat
performance: Ami Inoi Inokyo Ami

- Arranger than-
sequel of the long-awaited knee A series so as to be released in February
the arrangement I wrote a few years ago, we arrange for missionary again.
It is a really beautiful song.
At that time it is what goose bumps stood to hear this, but
do you enjoy that excitement again.

The already net sequel "NieR: Automata" of
the main theme has been up since the
plans to get playing in Ami's back and forth also Release Date there of arrangement.

Please let me know to the following e-mail address If you wish to arranger score.
It should be noted that, TAB notation is pardon because you do not know how to make.

Since The Long-Awaited Sequel Of The NieR Series Will Be Released In February
I Arranged That I Wrote A Few Years Ago Again For Missionary Work.
It Is A Really Beautiful Song.
At That Time I Heard Goosek By Listening To This
I Wonder If That . Touching Can Be Tasted Again

Already On The Net Is The Sequel "NieR: Automata"
Since The Main Theme Is Up
. Arrangement There Is Also Planned To Be Played By Ami Inoi Before And After The Release Date

If You Would Get To This Arrangement, Contact Me At Please The Following E-Mail Address.
In Addition, I Am Forgiving TAB Music Because I Do Not Know How To Make It.



[Nier Replicant-kinase relief] Kainé Salvation -NieR Replicant & Gestalt- [BGM] Youmat / Inokyo Ami Ami Inoi