Becky Baldwin, Holly Henderson, Rosie Botterill: DORJA Target Practice video and EP tour details

Becky Baldwin 

So this month my band DORJA will be releasing our debut EP! This is my 'international' project with members from the UK, Belgium and Kazakhstan. We only met in person last summer when we recorded our first single in LA, and so far it has been a real roller coaster! This Spring we will play just a few gigs, all the members are here in the UK for only a week so we will make the most of it. I am proud to be bringing them to Bristol for a gig on the 28th of March, I hope that you will be making the most of this, too!

If you haven't heard us already, there's a strong classic hard rock vibe going on, but I think you will hear something else a little special in this EP :)
As you can imagine, it's no easy task to work in a band with members living in separate parts of the world, in very different time zones and all the rest. There have been many challenges along the way but we persevered and worked so hard... The fruits of our labour have gone into this EP... So if you want a taste of these fine fruits, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of the EP and see if you can make it to a show.

We are currently taking pre-orders on the EPs and other merchandise here: PEOPLE, check out the event page:BRC Presents: DORJA + more at Exchange, Bristol and get your ticket either from me, from Bristol Rock Centre, or from the Dorja webstore!

Here is a short trailer of our debut EP "Target Practice" which will be released on 31st March. This is now on pre-orders and you can reserve your copy on our webstore:
There is also a pre-sales exclusive bundle! Hurry! There's only a few days left to get yours!

Band Members
Aiym Almas - Vocals
Becky Baldwin - Bass 
Holly Henderson - Guitar 
Rosie Botterill - Guitar 
Anna Mylee - Drums

DORJA Target Practice - Trailer