Jassy J: In Flames - Resin

In Flames- Resin - Album: Colony (1999) guitar cover with solo by Jassy =)
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"A sad song it was, through renewal it brought " \m/

ENG: I don't know how much I love the guitar parts of In Flames... Their melodies are so catchy, harmonic, epic... Resin is my second favourite song of them! Just recorded one guitar track, playing the lead parts throughout the song. I added additional angles for a more vivid video. Also it is my green screen debut, so sorry for beginner mistakes and such XD Hope you have fun!!!! \m/


How I learned it? By ear and with the help of JellyNote! I found an amazing tab for Resin there and just played it how I felt more comfortable =)

Tuning: Open C
My tuning: E Standard, 4 steps tuned down with a whammy pedal

IN FLAMES - Resin [GUITAR COVER] with SOLO | Jassy J