Jess Lewis: The Way You Love

I love incognito, and anything that is funk/groovy for that matter. I love bass, I had stopped bass for about a year but I am just getting back into it again & to stick at it this time, I really enjoy playing bass & cant understand why it is more than guitar but anyhow. My playing isn't perfect on this, but love the song & it was very fun to play. I will be practising bass alot to try & get better feel/time/technique - this is the one instrument that I truly enjoy. I hope you enjoy, & any suggestions to help my playing please let me know :-) Using an Ibanez Talman100 bass (really suprisingly good for the cost might i add!) and an old ashdown evo 300 4X10 combo.

Jess Lewis - The Way You Love (Incognito)