Angie An: Wasted Johnny's - We are more than just lovers

May Hello Rookie of the Hello Rookie of the May concert EBS SPACE, EBS Space 2015-05-21

5 years and 2015 shows an open audition scene was intense and the selection of those to the Hello Rookie of the Month.

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Hello Rookie of May

Way Homestead jyaniseu (Wasted Johnny's)

3, which it formed in 2011 serves the music nokyeonaen colorful elements such as blues and garage, artificial rock rock 'n' roll band way Homestead jyaniseu. Spreading more than 100 times during the year 2012 a strong live performances ssatatgo proficiency announced last year's EP "Get Wasted!" This team brings out a powerful singing and colorful stage presence of vocalist cum guitarist not support receives rave reviews of "harsh and primitive stage directing is well exposed," "enthusiastic stage presence and powerful energy is impressive to support it," May Hello was chosen rookie. Way jyaniseu hosted by the delightful energy to dance the audience with charisma to seize the stage coexist. Let's indulge in their intense music.

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[EBS스페이스공감] 웨이스티드 쟈니스(Wasted Johnny's) - We are more than just lovers