Jassy J: METALLICA - Hero Of The Day

Metallica - Hero Of The Day - Album: Load (1996) guitar cover by Jassy =)
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ENG: #MAYTALLICA ! You guys request so many Metallica covers, it is countless XD So this time I chose one of my favs \m/ Hope you like it =)
Tuning: Eb Standard
PLEASE NOTE: I lowered the backing track and double tracked the cover. You hear two clean tracks played by me and two distorted =) Adden an additional angle in the video =D

DEU: #maytallica ! Ihr wünscht euch so viele Metallica-Cover, da war ich mal so egoistisch und hab eines meiner persönlichen Favoriten rausgesucht! \m/ Hoffe es gefällt! =)

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METALLICA - Hero Of The Day [GUITAR COVER] 4K | Jassy J