Mina Taicho: FATE GEAR announce details of long-awaited second full album

June 21, 2017 (water) released nationwide of FATE GEAR 2nd Full Album "OZ -Rebellion- "
is a digest of the live video that can be DL with arrival purchase special M∞ card.

FATE GEAR / OZ -Rebellion- (Oz-Rebellion) "
tax 2,500 yen SSRF-01

Release: Steam Steel Records / Sold Co., Ltd. FABTONE
● Girl formal beauty metal band, FATE GEAR long-awaited second full album is finally released!
heavy rock from the melodic power metal, Celtic, crowded look吞all the music, such as jazz, epic concept album! beyond the framework of Girls band
M1 is Tadashikokorozashi Okagaki (Terra Rosa) arranged and mix!
[Book privilege] M∞ card (different design for each corporation. the contents of all four .DL data will be the same.)
- HMV limited pattern
· TOWER RECORDS limited picture
· disk union limited picture
disc peer / Joshin / Juujiya common limited pattern
[M∞ card contents]
Live video 2017 March 17, Meguro Rokumeikan "MEGABULLETS"
Live video 2017 March 17, Rokumeikan Meguro "Winds of Fall"
- unpublished artist Door photo
shooting and editing collaboration Nix film

FATE GEAR live 17.Mar.2017【特典映像ダイジェスト】