Molly Tuttle: Good Enough and a close up on the incredible technique used during White Freightliner Warmup

Molly Tuttle - "Good Enough"
from the album Rise - available June 2, 2017
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Video directed by Bill Filipiak
Good Enough
written by Molly Tuttle
Musicians in video:
Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocal: Molly Tuttle
Banjo: Wesley Corbett
Fiddle: Eli Bishop
Bass: Hasee Ciaccio
Produced by Kai Welch
Engineered by Erick Jaskowiack
Mastered by David Sinko
NOTE: Todd Phillips and John Mailander play bass and fiddle/mandola (respectively) on original recording

Molly Tuttle - Good Enough [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Do you like virtuosic rhythm playing, lead playing, singing, and songwriting? Duh, of course! Then you like the amazing Molly Tuttle. Here's some very cool warmup footage of "White Freightliner" to tide you over as we edit her upcoming Masters in Mechanics interview.

Molly Tuttle's White Freightliner Warmup