Yu Ogami: BabyMetal guitar cover

Thank you for watching lots of comments and views on the previous BABYMETAL video.
Your warm comments always encouraged me. It is precious treasure for me.
Sometimes there were critical comments. However, what I felt most hurtfully was that people who enjoyed my videos had seemed uncomfortable seeing the criticism. I am truly sorry that I am not pretentious.
However, I also wanted to reflect on my guitar play with my criticism as my source. I felt it was a necessary opinion for me.
Every time it seems, this time I also practiced my training and played my hardest guitar.

Thanks to everyone, I wanted to regain the dream I had given up.
My dream is to become such a guitarist that people who give up their dreams can regain their passion once again.
I think that it is not easy, but I would like to do my best.
As a first step in that dream, we have a happy report soon so please wait for a while.
We will report on Twitter etc. as soon as possible, so please follow us on Twitter and subscribe to YouTube's channel.

BABYMETAL 「イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ(Ijime,Dame,Zettai)」 guitar cover 【TAB】