Jassy J: Linkin Park - Basquiat - Album: Underground XIII

Linkin Park - Basquiat - Album: Underground XIII (Minutes To Midnight Demo) (2013) guitar cover jam by Jassy and Abhinav =)
Dedicated to Chester Bennington... Rest in peace.

ENG: Many of you might not know this song! Nevertheless it is a cool instrumental track by Linkin Park =) Abhinav created the backingtrack which you can find on his channel! I have played own ideas over it. Hope you like it =)

Tuning: Drop Db

PLEASE NOTE: Abhinav created the backingtrack. The lead lines are my own ideas that are not part of the original song.
I used my Qumox HD action cam and my Panasonic Lumix 4K cam for the video =)

LINKIN PARK - Basquiat [COVER] [GUITAR JAM] | Jassy J & Abhinav