Mina Taicho: FATE GEAR "OZ-Rebellion- Release Tour Final!"

♪ Scars in my Life / FATE GEAR (Live at Meguro ROCK - MAY - KAN) DVD containing the live performance at the Meguro Rock and Roll Center which will be the final of FATE GEAR 's second full album "OZ - Rebellion -" release tour Release! Do not miss their new challenge of reproducing all songs of the big concept concept "OZ - Rebellion -" which ranked in the top category of metal genre sales at each shop and continued strong sales! "OZ - Rebellion - Release Tour Final!" October 25, 2017 Wednesday 3,000 yen SSRF - 02 Release: Steam Steel Records / Sales: FABTONE Corporation 【Booking award】 M∞ card The contents of the DL data will be the same.) HMV Limited picture TOWER RECORDS Limited picture disk union Limited picture Disk Peer / Joshin / Jujiah Common Limited picture DISK HEAVEN / SAMUSIC Common Limited picture 【M∞ Card Content Included】 9 Monday the 3rd Meguro Kanekan Live Photo


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