Erja Lyytinen: Alone (Tähdet, Tähdet - MTV3)

Erja's taking a part on a tv contest called 'Tähdet, Tähdet (Stars, Stars)' on MTV3 in Finland!

The second episode of the Stars Stars MTV3 music singing contest had a theme of love songs. Erja´s choise was the classic rock ballad from the 80´s “Alone” by Heart. This is a hit song with amazing vocal range, that never goes out of fashion. Erja sang and played the guitar solo. The song is originally performed by rocker sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Yet again did Erja reach the top votes!

Next weekend the theme will be stadion rock! Follow Erja´s competition at www.mtv3/tahdettahdet

Tähdet Tähdet (Stars Stars) is a MTV3 music program between ten competitors who sing every week different music genres. Every singer will be in the competition for four weeks and after that they start to dropping competitors off.

Erja Lyytinen - Alone (Tähdet, Tähdet - MTV3)