Laura Cox: Demo of Lollar High Wind Imperial pickups

Angela Petrilli: with Mark Agnesi - Fender American Vintage Hot Rod Stratocasters - Normans Rare Guitars

Sarah Michelle: Rikki don't lose that number - EVH Wolfgang Fender Signature

Alexandra Zerner: Live @ Rock Bar Fans 16.12.2016 | Drums POV

Li-sa-X: appears with Polyphia on their 1st Time to Japan

Angela Petrilli: 1979 Fender Stratocaster Moroccan Red Maple Neck

Lari Basílio: Song Box Set Vol.1

Amy Lewis: Remnants - Disturbed - Guitar Solo

Leticia Filizzola: This song is for you

Ekaterina Pushkarenko: A.Barrios Waltz 4

Avonlea, Sina: Something by The Beatles - Avonlea and her brand new Custom Ukulele!

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear - new album, Digital Single and Tour

Roseann Aldrete: A super Gary Moore tribute - Still Got the Blues

Michelle Qureshi: Excellent demo of the Journey Guitar OF660R1

Fe Schenker: Molly Whooped guitar playthrough