Adunbee: Sunny Disposition - Avenged Sevenfold

Brittany Belladonna Weber: Astral Alchemy Reprobate Charm feat. Brittany Belladonna

Yvette Young: Covet Ares, Sea Dragon, Nautilus - The Lit AF Tour 2017, ATL

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Emily Ruvidich: The Starbreakers - Kickstart My Heart Viper Room 2017

Steph Goyer: Protean Collective - Indigogo Campaign Video 2017

Juliette Jade: Room 7 solo from the new album Terrarium

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Emily Ruvidich: The Starbreakers live at the Viper Room, debut show!

Genny Jam: Wampler Triple Wreck Pedal

Katrin Child,Yulia Volkonskaya: Ghost Walking - Lamb Of God

Edina Balczo: Hedwig's theme with TAB

Anastasy Gurzo: Polite Refusal - Portrait

Ally Venable: ETX ROCKS Music Is Brain Candy interview with Ally!

Betty Dead, Meta Dead: The Dead Deads @The Fillmore Philadelphia 2016

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #114: Dorian Intervallic Tapping

Jen Majura: plays... Disappear - Evanescence

Double Bass Girl: from Ibanez in China

Serina: ELFiN PLANET - Rick Rack is no more, long live LFiN PLANET

Juna Serita: Run for cover - Excellent live performance

Huang Shi Ya: 2016 Ibanez FlyingFingers

Kelly Yu Wenwen: Kelly Ibanez guitar endorsement

Laura Cox: Live Argenteuil 2017

Luisa Santoni: Francisco Tárrega Lágrima - 15 years old