Sadie Johnson: Someday, After A While (You'll Be Sorry) and Many the Miles

Wena Velasco: Vic Viper - Flash in the Dark, Batman, Kage and Street Fighter 2010/Double Dragon II

Heana Cat Hiroko: [136th] and have Toka Nagarekokoro read as tears.

Julia Lamb: Jamming new ideas over Squadlive by Lettuce

Miki Killers: Coma Countess - highlights from Kichijoji CRESCENDO, Tokyo

Steph Goyer: Protean Collective - The Red and The Grey

Juliana Vieira: Red Ballad

Mary Spender: talks to Randy Edwards as the official photographer and videographer for Plini

Saki: Mary's Blood lead guitarist solo performances from Shinjuku FACE thirty-third times

Magda Azzilonna: Glasgow Kiss Solo - great job!

Alex Schmeia: Working on Metal Riff ideas

Gayle: Working on Paganini caprice - a work in progress

Zukky: Megadeth Holy Wars The Punishment Due cover