Yuika Kakeda: RagDöllz Girls Metal band - LADY GROOVE Vol.51

Alex Schmeia: Nightwish - Slaying the Dreamer

Cristina Pena: Birdhouse Guitar Cover - Tiny Moving Parts

Niki Nussbaum: killing it - Beat Buddy Pedal for Singular Sound - Candlemass Bewitched Guitar Solo

Elva Zhang, Sydney Ellen, Shea Hamilton: Electric Koto Empresses In The Palace" Theme Song with Moxy And The Influence

Zukky: Megadeth - Tornado Of Souls cover.

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella shows this weekend!

Sarah Longfield: Tydes Playthru from new album Collapse // Expand

Lilith Ghost: 9 String Djent - next stop Drop Z

Alex Schmeia: Nightwish - Ever Dream guitar

Becky Baldwin, Holly Henderson, Rosie Botterill: DORJA Target Practice video and EP tour details

Jess Lewis: some random jazz - another top notch improv

Kiyoshi Manii: Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin Cover