Lari Basílio: Get Lucky (Daft Punk and Halestorm) - with Emmanuel Nunes

Chantel McGregor: On UK Tour Now

Jewel Steele, Lula Steele: Stereo Love Baby Blue Skies with Judd Steele on drums

Divaldi Addina: Breaking Through - shredding some Andy James

Juna Serita: What Is Hip - Tower of Power - Bassolicious

Maddie Jay: Do That Stuff - Parliament/Funkadelic - Bassolicious

Shalini Mohan: Funky Slap Bass Jam! Bassolicious

Ma Jia: performs some bass work with the Laney NEXUS-SL - Bassolicious

Jenny Clifford: So Long Michael - Pierre Bensusan 2015

Cynthia Maalouf: Tennessee Waltz Pee Wee King, Red Stewart

Juliette Jade: Allegory solo from the Terrarium album

Merel Bechtold: Children of Bodom - Wrath within

Samantha Fish: Stuart, Florida - Terra Fermata - Full Show 2017

Roseann Aldrete, Jennifer Paro: Femme Halen - performing "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love", "Everybody Wants Some", Slidebar Fullerton 2017

Giulia Marta Vallar: Gi Gi ripping through Jason Becker Perpetual Burn LIVE at MI Hollywood

Kanami, Miku: Band-Maid - secret My lips - One-Man your serving national tour

Tracy Hightop, Tina Gorin: Jane Lee Hooker - Jazz A Tout Heure mais pas que...2017

America Paz: bass battle on the street with Eduardo Sitjà

Adunbee: Here Comes Revenge - Metallica

Antra Lante: Hotel California/ Eagles by