Joanne Shaw Taylor: Nothing To Loose Live @ Chez Paulette France 2017

Brianna Sherrodd: Street Lynx, performing Shotgun Messiah's "Heartbreak Blvd."

Leticia Filizzola: Pvris - Fire (solo) - Aaron Marshall's version

Kinga Głyk: The new international album "DREAM" - promo

Steph Goyer: Guitar solo from "The Drought"

Juny Lee: Room 335, Deja blue - superb live performances

Sus Vasquez: Green funk jam by Sus

Tracy Hightop, Tina Gorin: Jane Lee Hooker - Wade In The Water - Jazz A Tout Heure mais pas que 2017

Jenny Clifford: Vulfpeck /// Dean Town

Giulia Marta Vallar: shredding it up for JTC Jam of the Month April 2017

Samantha Fish: Series from L’Arcadium Annecy, France 2017

Becky Baldwin, Bec Jevons: IDestroy Birmingham Hare and Hounds 2017

Kiana De Leon, Wena Velasco: Vixen Vendetta - Redneck - Lamb Of God

Rena Sands, Josette: Judas Priestess: Breaking the Law