Cheza Taylor: Rocks Bach 04.07.17 - just 10 years old

Jassy J: Hail To The King - Internet Jam

Serina: short movie- “ballOOn” - ELFiN PLANET

Yvette Young: Covet - Live in Anaheim 25-03-2017

Juny Lee: Thunder March and Technical Difficulties - 2014

Lari Basílio: Still Feel Like Your Man - John Mayer

Sarah Longfield: Audioblocks Solo

Illona Bolou: Smooth Criminal performed live at MusikMesse 2017

Amber Arcades: This Time -- Live At AB Brussel 2017

Divinity Roxx: Live in Columbus, OH- Black Betty Solo

Fe Schenker: Ghostbusters guitar playthrough

Anouck André: Fast Jazz Blues Lick in F - Here is a cool lick over a F7 chord.

Nayra Dharma: Four by Miles Davis and original tune Petrichor

Cristina Vane: Jam In The Van Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

Bruna Tsuruda Prado: Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave

Genessa Gariano, Lydia Night: Seashore - The Regrettes Live