Samantha Fish: Chills & Fever Tour - Sellersville Theater 2017

Li-sa-X: added to the artist roster of Ibanez Guitars

Lari Basílio: "Black Money" by my friend Prashant Aswani

Rebecca Mardal: Roberta Flack - Feel Like Making Love, Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement

Steph Goyer: Protean Collective - "Emerge" Lyric Video

Divaldi Addina: Shadow Company - Andy James

Federica Golisano: Always with me, always with you 12 years old

Jess Lewis: The Way You Love

Susan Santos: "One more last change" Vince Gill solo

Adunbee: Bloopers March 2017 | Sunny Disposition gave me some trouble!

Alison Tod: Effect - Guitar Solo