Cinthya Blackcat, Bianka Garcia: Viejos Tiempos - MysticaGirls - Grim Fest

Isabeau Waia'u Walker: Steady - Original Song by ISABEAU

Simona Sansovini: You Shook Me All Night Long Solo

Noel Rachel: More Guitar Tapping Stuff

Susan Santos: Rattlesnake live in Madrid 2017

Melissa Evila: Argentinian multi-instrumentalist talks about the LTD EX-401

Miyako Uno: Assault Attack - rehearsal performance

Rose Deocampo, Wena Velasco: Cowgirls from Hell - Killing it at The Merrow, San Diego, CA, May 19, 2017.

Jinny Kim: A Fuzz @ Nanji Hangang Park 2017

JiYeon Lee: Sunny - Greg Howe - performance at sound check from amazing 10 year old

Courtney Cox: Reaching the parts that other beers can't reach with Heineken 0.0