Jelena Kiric: Riffy riffs! - Legator Ninja 350 Pro seven string guitar

Sus Vasquez: Song for my brother by Sus (Original)

Arielle: MoeJoeVision - Live @ The Bull Run 6/3/17

Luna Lee: Pink Floyd- The Great Gig in The Sky Gayageum ver. by

Rose Deocampo: Infinite Death - Demonic Arrival

Monica Gheorghevici: Hybrid Blues - Dynamics and Arpeggios

America Paz: Marchemos - America Peace SCD Vespucio

Sally: Lipstick "Mad Infection" 2017/5/27 @ Big Jack (Osaka Awaza)

Esprila Limariane: Improvisation C # m7 / Emaj7

Joe Wild: Cover Mindscape - Patrick Rondat

Cristina Pena: Underwater Ruins - Lost Minnow (Playthrough)

Edina Balczo: Hans Zimmer - Time (Inception soundtrack) live looping with classical guitar

Adunbee: Square Hammer - Ghost B.C

Tara Lynch: Sneak Peek Gui-tara Rises (Feat. Vinny Appice & Phil Soussan)

Divinity Roxx: 'the Dream Work Tour' Teen Town Into Rappers Delight

Angela Petrilli: "Let It Be Me" by Ray Lamontagne

Flor Zuloaga: Problems (Sex Pistols) Floreks