Ayu Gusfanz : Ibanez Flying Finger 2017 - 12 Years Old (Not Entry)

Arielle: Show Must Go On - Queen

Jennifer Batten: DYLEM - Can't Take Anymore (Official Studio Clip Teaser)

Yuka Harrill: Motley Crue - as performed by Crüella - Hollister, CA - June 30, 2017

Melodea: Pantera - Cowboys from Hell - performed by Melodea - West Hollywood, CA

Leticia Filizzola: Fields of Gold - tasty rendition of the Sting classic

Sydney Ellen: Star Spangled Banner - Happy 4th Of July!!

Sus Vasquez: The Collective audition by Sus - Playing section

Magda Azzilonna: Opening Melody - Festa della Bruna Matera

Hiroka Takeda: Galneryus Raise My Sword Guitar Cover

Rose Deocampo, Wena Velasco: Cowgirls From Hell - MontrealMetalShows - Live in Toronto 2017

Alicia Marie: I'm a Bad Luck Woman and He Belongs to Me

Hisako Osawa: 2 Hot 2 Handle - with Guest Jim Manzo, Saint Rock 2017

Maria Cals: Indiscipline - Poison (Guitar/bass Playthrough)

Nili Brosh: "Alien Hip Hop" Solo