Aleksandra Ciecierska: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku, Juna Serita,Tamu Murata: Instrumental Summit Vol.11 Ladies Night 2017

Ellen Calió: Rush - The Villa Strangiato (Burn - Cover Clip)

Yvi Wylde: playing the solo of the plugged version of her song "Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya"

Noemi Terrasi: DV Mark Multiamp - My Presets

Emmelie Herwegh: Performing With A Thrash Metal Band

Illona Bolou: The Show Must Go on

Nili Brosh: of the Week #133 - Exit Strategy Chorus

Adunbee: A Sight To Behold - Gojira guitar cover