Ally Venable: live Concert Gas Monkey Bar & Grill Dallas, Tx - 8/5/17

Ariel Bellvalaire, Hisako Osawa, Nikki Stevens: Paradise Kitty rockin S Bar & Grill-frisco, Tx Aug 19, 2017

Prika Amaral: Nervosa - Live Paris 2017

Mary Spender: Q and A | Bristol Edition [Tuesday Talks]

Irma Mirtilla: Black Mamba - Rock Cover Live Show 2017 - Roccone Fest

Yasi Hofer: Eclipsed featuring Hellmut Hattler on Bass

Millisa Henderson: Atomic Mind // Nick Johnston Cover

Samantha Fish: Somebody's Always Trying and Black Wind Howlin

Nina Shreds: The Great White - new progressive metal from Germany

Miyako Watanabe: Sonic Lover Reckless - new unit

Becky Baldwin, Bec Jevons: IDestroy Europe tour dates