Haruka Noma: Asterism Plays - Spain and KILL BILL Theme

Gabriella Quevedo: with Casper Esmann - Numb - Linkin Park

LorePaz: with Koke Benavides - Purple Storm on .Strandberg* guitars

Red Frandany: Van Halen Jump solo cover + own solo lick

Helena Kotina: DAFFODIL - Heart Of The Deceiver

Jess Lewis: Lily Of The Desert

Rebecca Mardal: Soul Groove and John Mayer-ish Soul Groove Tabs On Screen

Soumia Ghechami: TapJazz and the progress over 4 years

Chantel McGregor: The Islington 2017

Mountain Natsumi: Phychosocial of Slipknot