Erja Lyytinen: Bluescafé Apeldoorn 2017

Jennifer Batten: DYLEM - Can't Take Anymore (Official Studio Clip Teaser)

Gretchen Menn: MESA Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo Demo

Arianna Powell: Suhr is toxic soloing! and "Pump It" with the Black Eyed Peas

Alex Snowden: Phoenix pop-punk favorites DOLL SKIN hit the road

Mary Spender: GuitCon - 25-29 Sept 2017, Markneukirchen

Jess Lewis: Testing out this great little amp by Ashdown

Amber Russell: Portland Dance - two handed tapped acoustic guitar

Shelley Walker, Laura Ozholl: JOANovARC - New US dates 2017 Joanovarc on tour!

Irene Ketikidi: Lick of the week # 3 by GIG