Victoria Yeh: "Despacito" Electric Violin cover

Daniela Rossi: plays Sonata IV by Dušan Bogdanović on a 1968 Edgar Mönch

Nili Brosh: Minor7b5 Pentatonic

Mariko Cello: "Time" Inception / Hans Zimmer

Lens Kidman: Aria - The Manowar cover solo cover

Mary Spender: Would I Lie To You? Feat. That Pedal Show [cover]

Ayu Gusfanz : Ultimate Sweep Picking Intro - Josh Middleton

Brianna Sherrodd: i'm bored #2 - warning: requires high IQ to watch

Isa Nielsen: Expomusic 2017 with Mauricio Alabama Live Jam

Nina Attal: L'Avant Scène 2017

Valerie Bachand: The Eagles- Hotel California Guitar Solo Cover with added edge

Laura Moral: Hurt - Eclipse Solo Cover

Alejandra Mesliuk: Tirando el Carro - Victory Amps, The Sheriff 22

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear Full show @ MIA 3/4 © Jan Vervaeke

Linda Taylor: Vertex Steel String, demo

Ravyn Bedard: DIRT original composition

Elise Masliah: Blood Mine Black Dahlia Murder Guitar Cover 2015

Burcu Özbek: Opeth - Beneath the Mire Solo Cover

Jassy J: For Whom The Bell Tolls, Master Of Puppets and Enter Sandman live together with Main'tallica

Momo: Yngwie Malmsteen practice session