Erja Lyytinen: Alone (Tähdet, Tähdet - MTV3)

Sherry Lin: LonelyElmo - Rearview mirror

Tomo-Zo: Doll$boxx 「dragonet」 Music Video

Shani Kimelman: Gilbert Blues - Cover

Tracy Hightop, Tina Gorin: Jane Lee Hooker Live @ Blue Devils Orléans France 2017

Christina Crofts: live band cover of Rory Gallagher 'Do You Read Me'

Yuki: "Spring somewhere" 6th string heart Vol.2 / D_Drive

Issabelth Przysiezniak: LoG- Walk with me in Hell by Iss [guitar]

Mercédesz Tóth: Pantera - Floods guitar cover by Merci

Samantha Wells: Sarabande BWV 995 - J.S.Bach

Daniela Villarreal, Paulina Villarreal, Alejandra Villarreal: The Warning Signs Rick Toone Spearfish™ Guitar

Lari Basílio: on the BIAS Rack

Rena Sands, Josette: Judas Priestess - Live in Montreal