Nina Kubatzki: Korpse - Collateral Casualties Cover

Samantha Fish: BluesBroad ❀ Bay Shore, NY 2017

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear Full Concert - Live Palazzo Beat 2017

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear - Őszi MondoCon 2017

Satomi Asai: Room 335

Kristen Capolino: Still Got The Blues and Joy To The World at the Rustic Barn - 2017

Laura Cox: Going Down Live @ Blue Devils Orléans 2017

Alicyn Yaffee: Days of Wine and Roses - Wes Montgomery transcription

Kyo Yoshida: Deep Unknown - Stratovarius

Kaki King: Fortuna Featuring Berklee Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra

Sophie Burrell: new album - Saints Of Sin - Welcome To The Circus